SEAFLO Sea Kayak RSA140

  • By Activity: Sit in kayak,Day Touring kayak,Sea kayak
  • Application Scenario: Seaside,Lake,River,Resevoir

Publish time:2023-04-10 09:53:50

The water-cutting bow design, the ship body streamline design, can quickly pressure waves, suitable for ocean surfing, fast waves in the sea rowing; The classic Greenland kayak is designed to throw water quickly without leaving any marks over the water. It can roll and press the board (waterproof skirt is recommended); * The small cockpit adopts ergonomic design, which is conducive to knee support and leg power, and is not easy to water; The slim hull has strong tracking, and you can quickly cross rivers, lakes and seas to reach your destination; Ergonomic design of quick-drying seats, to give a comfortable rowing experience; The kayak is an excellent choice for the average weight paddler. 110 to 265 lbs. (50 to 120 kgs.).

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