Spring is coming soon! 8 types of outdoor sports that are most suitable for spring

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As the saying goes, looking at the willows across the river in 1969, spring is coming soon, and it's time for outdoor sports again! So what outdoor sports are suitable for spring? Let's take a look today~

1. Outing

After holding back for a winter, in the early spring when the flowers are blooming and everything is sprouting, it is natural to go outdoors to experience the spring scenery! Going for an outing, I opened my eyes when I saw the wild flowers on the hillside, and the grass stretched out from the soil. This beautiful and vibrant landscape is not only an outdoor sport for strengthening the body and bones, but also a thing that can cultivate sentiment.

2. Picnic camping

It's time to take out the tent for a spring camping trip! Building an outdoor home, deeply immersed in nature, can effectively relax the body and mind and relieve stress. At the same time, when the family builds equipment and spends outdoor time together, it will naturally increase the emotions between each other and experience each other's family. The bond of caring and mutual support, go outdoors and learn to love! On the flower-filled hillside, spread soft picnic mats and put on all kinds of delicacies brought from home. With family and friends, enjoy the delicacies in the spring! Seeing the beautiful scenery, tasting food, accompanied by laughter and laughter, and without particularly high exercise load intensity, it can be said to be suitable for almost all people.

3. Outdoor cycling

Cycling can be said to be an increasingly popular form of exercise. Both the elderly and children can ride a bicycle and Ride leisurely in the spring breeze. Judging from the form of exercise, cycling is a typical aerobic exercise, which can enhance cardiopulmonary function and make the body symmetrical. It has a significant effect on preventing chronic diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

4. Hiking climbing

Hiking climbing is arguably the safest, easiest, and most economical aerobic exercise. It is suitable for almost everyone, and the intensity of exercise can be determined according to individual circumstances, and the length of time is also natural. People with better physique can walk briskly at a speed of 5-6 kilometers per hour, walking about 120 steps per minute, which can improve the cardiopulmonary function of the human body; while those with weaker physique can walk slowly, about 80 per minute. Steps and speeds of 2 to 3 kilometers per hour can relieve fatigue, and also have the effect of invigorating the stomach and assisting digestion. Climbing the mountain in spring, you can not only exercise, but also see the outdoor scenery full of mountains and wild flowers!

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5. Jogging

Spring is also a good season for jogging. Jogging can effectively improve cardiopulmonary function, reduce blood lipids, improve body metabolism, enhance immunity, delay aging, and also help regulate brain activity, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, enhance digestion, and eliminate constipation. Running in the spring, all eyes are green, which is also a good rest for the eyes.

6. Fishing

Not only fishing alone in the winter snow, spring is also a good time for fishing. The fish are the fattest in spring, which is a good time to cast bait and return with a full load. "Fishing grass nests, fishing shallows, using insect bait, fishing live water" and so on are all experiences of spring fishing, which can help you get a full harvest! It doesn't matter if you don't get much, fishing itself can remove distracting thoughts, calm the mind, and soothe nerves. It is beneficial for patients with high blood pressure, neurasthenia, and indigestion.

7. Flying a kite

When the spring breeze is blowing, kite-flyers can be seen in squares, parks, and open spaces in the suburbs, especially popular with children. In addition to being fun and fun, kite flying is also a sport that can exercise the whole body. For example, when flying a kite, people need to constantly run, tie, control, cooperate with hands and eyes, and move the limbs, which can dredge the meridians and adjust the body. The purpose of qi and blood and physical fitness can also effectively regulate eye muscles and eliminate fatigue.


Regular participation in kayaking can effectively enhance the functions of the cardiovascular system and respiratory system, increase lung capacity, and develop body muscle strength and endurance qualities. It can exercise physical coordination and is the most effective back fitness exercise. And the sports environment of kayaking is on the water, row a kayak on the water, you can see the spring scenery that most people can't see.

There is a big temperature difference between morning and evening in spring, so keep warm when exercising! Plan your year in spring and your day at dawn. Let outdoor sports go!

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