All people fight against the epidemic and SEAFLO help together

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According to the announcement, the 76-day-long closure of Wuhan will be lifted at zero hour on April 8. China's epidemic situation is basically stable, more than two months, how much China has paid for the fight against the epidemic? These numbers will shock you!

In mid-March, the Ministry of Finance announced that by March 13, China had invested a total of 116.9 billion yuan in the fight against the epidemic

People know that the new crown pneumonia patients "free treatment", but it is not clear how much the country paid for the new crown pneumonia patients cost protection? The first is the cost of treatment, critical patients need to scratch to about 400,000 yuan, serious patients need to spend about 200,000 yuan, according to statistics, the number of these two types of patients in about 6,400 people, that is, the treatment of this type of patients need 2 billion yuan, moderate symptoms and mild symptoms of patients according to 50,000 yuan a person, about 4 billion yuan. In addition shocked foreign media Thunder God mountain as well as Vulcan mountain hospital comprehensive cost in about 1 billion yuan, and also the square cabin hospital probably cost 300 million yuan, the national support Hubei medical personnel daily subsidies, vaccine research, the central medical supplies reserve ......


345 national medical teams, 42,600 medical and nursing staff to support Hubei

On March 8, at a press conference held by a reporter from the State Councils Joint Defense and Joint Control Bureau, Guo Yanhong, Inspector of the Medical Administration and Hospital Administration of the National Health Commission, stated that since the first medical team arrived in Wuhan on New Years Eve, a total of 29 provinces and The military system dispatched 345 national medical teams and 42,600 medical personnel. Among them, there are more than 19,000 critically ill medical personnel, and there are also multiple majors such as respiratory, infection, hospital management, intra-renal, and intra-cardiac. The average time for all medical teams to assist Hubei is no more than 2 hours from receiving the order to the completion of the formation; from the assembly of members to arriving in Wuhan, the average time is no more than 24 hours.


Wuhan was closed for 76 days, which reduced the number of potential infections by 96%

Local time on March 31, the international top academic journal "Science" published online from China, the United States, the United Kingdom, including Oxford University, Harvard University and other 15 global top institutions, 22 scientists jointly completed the study shows:The closure of Wuhan has saved more than 710,000 people outside Wuhan from contracting the new crown, so that the number of potential infections reduced by 96%.


A number of academician teams fought on the front line of epidemic prevention and control

In this epidemic, we have seen 84-year-old academician Zhong Nanshan, 72-year-old academician Li Lanjuan, and 71-year-old Academician Zhang Boli, who started fighting the epidemic just a week after his gallbladder surgery,and so on

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Zhong Nanshan, Li Lanjuan, Wang Chen, Huang Luqi, Zhang Boli, Chen Wei, Qiao Jie, Tong Xiaolin and other academicians who are fighting in the front line of the epidemic prevention and control "heavenly group", time and again brush the screen. Their decisions ranged from "Epidemics are spread from person to person" and "closing the city of Wuhan without delay" to "proposing the establishment of a square cabin hospital".... ...have greatly changed the process of fighting the epidemic. They are academicians and warriors, and they have the responsibility of national warriors.


The construction of Vulcan Mountain, Thunder God Mountain, and Square Cabin Hospital at fire speed

Supervised by 25 million netizens, a hospital covering an area of more than 30,000 square meters in Wuhan Vulcan Mountain was completed in 10 days, the "infrastructure maniac" created a miracle in China, refreshing the world's perception. Since then, 12 days to build the Thunder God Mountain Hospital, More than 10 square cabin hospitals were built at an amazingly fast pace, by all means to increase the supply of beds. As of February 16, 11 square cabin hospitals were built in Wuhan, equivalent to an average of one built every day.


Material donations from all over the country

As of March 4, the medical supplies security group accumulated to supply 5,028,800 pieces of medical protective clothing, isolation clothing 1,925,400 pieces, medical isolation limit cover 1,309,900, infrared thermometer 186,000 units to Hubei Province!

All people are one heart, happy boat together

Since the outbreak of the epidemic,SEAFLO Co., Ltd. has been working hard to collect anti-epidemic materials through various channels, in the spirit of solidarity and solidarity. On January 30, the company donated 200 bottles of disinfectant, 300 N95 masks and 4,000 disposable medical masks to the government through Liancheng Factory SEAFLO Co., LTD.

During the epidemic period, SEAFLO Co., LTD. donated more than 100,000 yuan of funds and materials to the government in batches through SEAFLO Co., Ltd. factory.

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