Cross-Strait (Xiamen) 2017 Sea Kayak Long Sail Race

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The main road around the island last weekend

No different from usual


Seated a group of special knights

Holding a six-foot long paddle in hand

They are calm

Don't dance

just because of

Their home court

Is the infinite blue sea


Long Sea Canoe Race on Both Sides of the Taiwan Strait

On April 22, the 20KM sea canoe long voyage race started in Wuyuan Bay, Xiamen. The Xiamen Boat Team sent four players, and they are all participating in such a long route competition for the first time.

(Schematic diagram of the route, just look at the picture and feel unpredictable)


Four Pioneers of Long Sailing Boats



Chen Guangwu

20KM long flight race

"How does it feel...

I have been training in the Valley of Love, and I never thought that the waves on the sea would be so big.

A kayak goes back and forth in the midst of thousands of waves, over and over again.

Suddenly feel that I am very small, but I am excited and want to conquer nature. "

It's a pity that Guangwu wrecked in the middle

But that's okay

Those who follow Guangwu’s circle of friends know

He has already crossed 20KM in the Valley of Love

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Zhou Mengzhu

20KM long flight race

"Because the front hatch was opened and the entire bow of the ship was flooded

However, I can’t pour the water in the front compartment by myself...

When the bow sinks, it can’t rush to the top of the wave and can only pass through the middle of the wave every time

Water is poured in o the seat compartment...

The whole ship is super heavy

After paddling 100 paddle and still in place...

Slowly and directly sink..."

Distressed Mengzhu



Tang Zhen

"The temptation of the ocean, no matter how big the waves , we are not afraid!"

Who knows

One day after all

We will all

Start again



Sun Huijian

"To commemorate the first kayaking at sea, 20KM done!

Landed on the beach in Jimei-Jiageng Park and rushed in o the public toilet to solve the urgent need

Then when I was about to leave, I was forced to take a photo with the tourists

I feel like one piece is coming to the world.

Hahaha, I also forcibly squeezed in o the closing time and won the last place.

To tell the truth, the wind on the sea today is so big, the water is so cold, and the waves are so big.

Seasick in the first 20 minutes

I almost lost my determination to be the One Piece

The moment I finally stepped on the beach made me feel in a trance. "

Cross-Strait Sea Canoe 1500 Relay Race

On April 23, the sea canoe 1500 group relay was held in the inner bay of Wuyuan Bay, the competition form is six people three groups relay, each group rowing 500 meters, SEAFLO outdoor kayak team sent two teams to fight, and will be the first and second runner-up at the same time in the bag, how, the power of rowing force can not be underestimated, right?!



The third bar of the second boat team: Qin Xin ♥ Zheng Yihong


Group photo of the first team and the second team


The championship prize is provided by SEAFLO

SF-1003 One adult single kayak!


This is the long-distance race champion of this competition

——The same style of Tao Yujiao, the gold medal coach of SEAFLO

Boat Team:

Tan Weizheng Huang Hong Huang Zhihao Tang Zhen

Su Jin Huang Mingqing

Boat Team Two:

Wu Dong Zheng Cijie Zheng Yihong Ran Senwen

Ma Yuhai Qin Xin


In this competition, the friends of Xiamen University Boat Association

Pretty eye-catching

Although there are regrets, but gain more

The strength of this new rowing boat cannot be underestimated

Unfortunately, it’s also for better expectations.


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