Dragon boat racing frequently appears in variety shows. Is the spring of water sports here?

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"Running Man 6" ushered in the fourth episode of the broadcast this week, with the theme of "Dragon Boat Rowing", which will be broadcast in two episodes. The men’s running team and the strongest support team are competing against fifteen internationally renowned universities. Don’t look at the full laughter of the first period, but according to the preview, the next men’s running team is going to be true. It is inevitable to cry on the spot. From this point of view, the public's understanding and participation in water sports is not high, and even many people do not know what water sports are, what they are, and how to play them. But in recent years, with the introduction of the national red-head document advocating water sports, the people have also begun to pay attention and enthusiasm for this "mysterious" sport.

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In addition to "Running Man 6", many influential variety shows have appeared in water sports games. For example, the "Sisters Over Flowers" challenged the Cambridge Rowing Team a few years ago. The new variety show "GIve Me Five" was recorded last year.,also had a dragon boat  competition.With the leadership of these idols, I believe that the mass base of water sports will become stronger and stronger, and the participants will become younger and younger.

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The popularization and development of water sports is a good thing, but it should not be rushed to ignore safety control. At the end of last month, villagers in Dunmu Village, Jiashan Sub-district Office, Xiufeng District, Guilin organized 3 dragon boats to practice on Taohua River privately, and 2 dragon boats. A rollover occurred, causing 57 people to fall in o the water and 40 people were rescued. Among them, 5 of the wounded were sent to medical treatment and their lives were out of danger; 17 people died.

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Before the incident, a dragon boat was practicing on the Taohua River. But when they rowed near a dam, the dragon boat suddenly went sideways and rolled over. After the dragon boat rolled over, some people dived and swam to the shore to escape, while others clung to the dragon boat and wooden planks to float on the water to wait for rescue. Before long, another dragon boat also arrived at the scene of the incident. After several laps near the rubber dam, a rollover also occurred.

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Although most of the villagers who fell in o the water went ashore safely, there were still cases of drowning. It can be seen from the video that the people on the dragon boat are basically not wearing life jackets. Except for the two dragon boats that turned over, the other dragon boats also encountered danger when they passed the rubber dam. Generally speaking, dragon boaters should be able to swim. Why do they drown? It is understood that on April 20, it rained heavily in Guilin. The water flow downstream of the rubber dam was very rapid, and there was back suction, which made it difficult to swim out for a while.

So friends who love water sports, even if spring is here, you should not forget your safety awareness, you still have to be careful~ you should wear a life jacket!

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