How to deal with water in the cabin during boating? Let the long-distance race champion tell you

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Did you know? Sit-in kayaks may encounter water in the cabin during the rowing process. For  flatwater day touring kayaks and sea kayaks, once the water in the cabin is not treated in time, there is a danger of overturning.

Sit-in kayaks, including fat kayaks, flatwater day touring kayaks, sea kayaks, fancy kayaks,etc., may enter the cabin during rowing.

The flooding here is not similar to the catastrophic event that caused the Titanic to capsize. On the contrary, during rowing, it is normal for water to accumulate in the cockpit due to the rhythm of the oars.

The fat kayaks used for leisure does not need to be equipped with a waterproof skirt because it cannot be used for long-distance rowing.

But sea kayaks and flatwater day touring kayaks generally have long rowing time and long distances, so waterproof skirts are essential.

Of course, since the fancy kayaks and whitewater kayaks are going to roll in the water, the protection of the waterproof skirt is naturally indispensable.

But if you forget to equip the waterproof skirt before setting off, which causes water in the cabin, increases the resistance, and even the hull shakes, what should be done? Don't worry, the editor has a coup for dedication:

When a small amount of water enters, the center of gravity of the boat will drop, which can maintain the stability of the boat. You can ignore it temporarily, or you can use a towel or clothing to absorb water, wring it out, and then drain it out.

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Rowers not wearing waterproof skirts

When a large amount of water enters the boat, the boat will increase significantly, and the boat may easily run aground or capsize. You should find a flat shore and pour out the water in the boat, or with the help of your teammates,Not close to the shore to pour out the water in the boat.

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Although water in the cabin is not a major problem of danger, in long-distance competitions, if there is too much water in the cabin, the boat weighs too much, and the resistance increases, which will greatly affect the speed. In consideration of the result of the game, there needs to be sufficient consideration between the choice of loading a row and stopping to pour the water.

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Here is an example. In the 2017 Xiamen Long Voyage Race, Doofar Gold Medal Coach Tao Yujiao once had water in the cabin, which seriously affected the rowing speed in the race. At that time, he was ranked second and ranked first. Of the contestants also face serious water ingress problems in the cabin

Coach Tao Yujiao chose the latter between whether to continue rowing or docking and pouring water. Therefore, he gained speed for the second half of the rowing. Although the time of docking and pouring was delayed, the resistance of the boat was reduced, Successfully surpassed the first place and won the long-distance race championship.

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