What should we do if I get a small abrasion when playing in the water accident?

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The summer vacation is coming, and it's the season of fun and play again. How can the summer heat get less kayaking and water activities, Small bumps are inevitable when you are having fun, and skin abrasions are the most common. So, what should be the correct way to play in the water accidentally slipping and bumping, causing small abrasions? According to the recommendations of the emergency surgeon:

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1. Pause playing, wash the wound with clean water such as tap water to remove dust

2. Use alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, iodophor, mercurochrome and other disinfectants to disinfect

3. Then rinse off the excess disinfectant with saline! Rinse with tap water is also OK (will be explained later)

4. After the normal saline on the wound is naturally dried, apply petroleum jelly or special wound ointment containing petroleum jelly to moisturize the wound.

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Okay, let me explain why the doctor recommends washing off the disinfectant with saline:

In the world we live in, bacteria are everywhere, and there are a lot of them in the air. It is almost impossible to achieve sterility on any skin wound. Disinfecting wounds can kill bacteria, but bacteria will come back soon. As long as there are not too many bacteria, our cell resistance mechanism can cope with it. Wound healing does not require a sterile environment.

The principle of disinfection syrup is to denature and coagulate bacterial proteins to kill bacteria. Potion can denature bacterial protein, and it can also denature the protein of our tissue cells! Fibroblasts, neutrophils, and epithelial cells that are necessary for wound healing will also be killed by the disinfectant!

The ingredients in the disinfectant syrup are the same as the Chinese medicine powder, which causes dehydration of the wound, and the precious healing cells are pickled with pickles~~~~ Delayed healing is small, and it is a pity that it causes infections and scars!

Therefore, rinse off the disinfectant attached to the wound in time, and use petroleum jelly to moisturize the abrasion wound. It does not exceed the size of a dime and has a slight scratch on a small area. After some treatment suggested by the editor, it shouldn't matter. Vaseline itself acts as a water barrier. After applying Vaseline, you can continue playing kayaking in the water!

If the applied petroleum jelly is rubbed off, friends who are not at ease, play in the water, and then do the treatment procedure again: clean water rinse-disinfection potion-clean water rinse-apply petroleum jelly ointment

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In addition, the liquid waterproof band-aids on the market are not suitable for abrasions. After solidification, they become hard like glue, which can easily cause wounds, stick to healing cells, and cause inflammation. This is suitable for small and shallow cuts:

In order to prevent the wound from being exposed to the natural waters with lots of bacteria, a small piece of Vaseline gauze can be applied to the wound, and then a large piece of traumatic plaster can be applied to the wound. This method can effectively prevent the wound from being rubbed. The dressing can be removed after landing. Or re-fix the Vaseline gauze with medical tape to allow the skin around the wound to breathe.


1. If you have a large area of deep abrasion, you should go to the hospital for treatment, pay attention to rest and avoid contact with natural water.

2. Punctures, cuts, etc., wounds with small but deep wounds are not covered in this article and should be treated by hospital surgery.

3. If the abrasion site has been infected with suppuration, you should go to the hospital for surgical treatment.

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