What do you think of college entrance examination candidates being escorted in o the examination room by the police?

2021-07-10 20:25:51 seaflooutdoor 8

On July 8, the police from Anhui Susong Fuyu Police Station received help from the candidates who were trapped and the road to the test was flooded and unable to go out to take the college entrance examination. After the police arrived at the scene, they found that the alley was too narrow for the rescue rubber boat to enter, so they contacted the residents to borrow the bathtub, let the candidates sit in the bathtub, and successfully sent more than a dozen candidates to the test center in a safe and timely manner.

Editor is deeply impressed by the warm and funny news. It is really necessary for the country to promote water sports and promote kayaking. Why do you say this?

The alleys are too narrow, and the rubber boats for rescue cannot be accessed. If the local rescue department has a kayak, this problem will not exist at all, and this funny and warm picture will not appear.


1.The width of this kayak is tens of centimeters, and I think there will be no "inaccessible" situation for most alleys in the world. Rowing this boat to send candidates off is warm and unrestrained.


2. Formed an understanding of kayaking. If you are a kayaking enthusiast, if you have a kayak at home for leisure rowing or sports fitness, you will not have such an embarrassing scene, usually you don't need it. It can be stored in the warehouse, garage, balcony, wardrobe top, etc. at home. You can row a boat when you have time. As a leisure sport, you can enjoy time on the water and see the scenery that most people can't see.


Every summer in our country, there will be floods caused by heavy rains. There is a kayak at home. In addition to being a recreational sport, when the flood comes, it is more convenient to travel and safer than ordinary families Up.


3.If there is no other way, it’s okay to have oars. With a bathtub and oars, at least we don’t have to trouble the police to escort them all the way. It’s okay if you pass the exam, if you don’t pass the exam. , We are all sorry for the police and the bathtub.

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