Boating must look at the sky, and thunderstorms must not be touched!

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Everyone knows that outdoor sports inevitably need to "look at the weather". In extreme weather, stubbornly continue rowing sports, it is a joke about life. If you don't want to be distracted by the weather, it is best to pay attention to the weather forecast before making a boating plan.

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Although the editor also admits that weather forecasts are not all that reliable, so if you encounter "A storm may arise from a clear sky" after making a plan, you need to plan for the sudden change of weather or make emergency close shore plans. If someone is traveling with you, please make sure that all those traveling with you can understand the content of the plan and are willing to follow it. Don't be lucky, don't be lucky, don't be lucky, say important things three times!

Thunderstorms are local convective weather accompanied by lightning strikes and lightning.

It must be produced in strong cumulonimbus clouds, so it is often accompanied by strong showers or rainstorms, sometimes accompanied by hail and tornadoes, and belongs to a strong convective weather system.

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So when are thunderstorms prone to occur?

The hotter the summer weather, the more likely it is to happen. It is often clear at noon. At three or four o'clock in the afternoon, dark clouds suddenly appear, lightning and thunder begin to flash unexpectedly, and heavy rain is approaching.

Maybe it was still hot in the first second, and the next second is the storm and the mountains full of buildings.

To prevent thunderstorms, you need to understand the timing of its occurrence and accurately grasp its potential risks.

Generally speaking, in summer, the sky suddenly darkens, there is strong wind, and the water is choppy. If you are rowing, you should take immediate measures.

1. It is not advisable to use electrical equipment during thunderstorms, and it is not advisable to make calls to fixed telephones and mobile phones.

2. It is not suitable to enter simple buildings such as sheds without doors and windows, sentry boxes and other simple buildings in open areas.

3. It is not advisable to hide under the tree, and it is not advisable to take an umbrella in the open.

4. It is not advisable to stay on the water surface or at the junction of water and land.

5. What if you are rowing and encounter a thunderstorm?

Of course, composure and calmness always need to be the first priority. Next, the rowers should be allowed to go ashore as soon as possible to find houses, culverts and other shelters by land.

Master some outdoor knowledge, it is very possible to save your life at the critical moment. For example: Know the distance between lightning and thunder, calculate the distance between thunderstorm points, and judge the degree of danger.

When you encounter extreme weather while boating, don’t neglect your own safety because of curiosity. The mentality of "rare encounters, take photos and post on moments for likes" is undesirable.

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