Before playing the boat, what preparations do you need to do?

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Before entering the water to play kayaking, you need to do some preparatory work, and deal with some small details that are easy to be overlooked, so that your kayaking journey will be safer and more enjoyable.

Even if kayaking is a recreational sport, the calories consumed are not low at all. Therefore, you must fully consider your physical fitness problems before rowing for a long distance. Eating is a relaxing and pleasant solution. You need to eat enough before rowing, while maintaining good condition and carrying drinking water. Regardless of whether it is food or not, bring biscuits, chocolates and other small snacks, in case of lack of power, to replenish blood sugar and energy in time!

Another principle that cannot be overemphasized a hundred times is: wear a life jacket, wear a life jacket, wear a life jacket! Regardless of whether adults, children or pets, wear life jackets. Check whether the buckles are fastened. Because they are driven by water or loose after activities, wear life jackets as tightly as possible. The mineral water and other life materials you carry should be insrted in your life jackets. In case of unforeseen circumstances, after the boat is separated and the basic life materials are available, you can also wait patiently for rescue.

A list of materials that need to be prepared when going out


: Pet dog and life jacket

: Lifeline

: Mineral water

: Waterproof box for personal belongings

: Spare clothes

: Sports camera

: Snacks and dog food

: Slippers

: Mobile phone waterproof bag

Although kayaking is very safe, it is a water sport after all. Before setting out, you must take reasonable care of your personal belongings. For example, keep your wallet, ring, and necklace in the closet and lock it; put your phone in a waterproof case And hung on the chest. Teammates should leave each other's emergency contact information in case of emergency. After all, it is not equipment that needs to be used every day. Before boarding the boat, it is safer to check whether the kayak is damaged. After getting on the boat, stay calm, relax, and do not make dangerous moves.

If you are nearsighted, please tie the mirror feet with a rope and hang it around your neck to prevent you from falling in o the water. Editor have a friend who lost his glasses while rowing, and those with severe myopia finally squinted and barely returned to the shore,it's waving instead of drowning.

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