You should wear it like this when you play kayaking. Actually, we canoeists are the most fashionable!

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Did you know? When playing kayaking, you should also wear the right clothes. The right clothes will not give you resistance, but also keep you warm and prevent you from losing temperature due to falling in o the water. What should I wear for kayaking? Many people think that it is enough to wear casually. After all, it is a leisure sport. You don't need to be so particular about it, but if you can spend a little thought and put on the right clothes, you can experience a more wonderful kayaking trip.

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1. Clothing

Spring/Summer: Wear long-sleeved sun-protective clothing when exposed to the sun. If you choose short-sleeved or tank tops because of heat, please remember to wear sunscreen and a sun hat! Otherwise, the sun will burn every minute! For the lower body, it is best to wear tight-fitting trousers or swimming trunks so that you can swim well after falling in o the water accidentally.

Autumn and winter: You can wear tight-fitting neoprene warm clothes. Of course, there is also the most practical down jacket in winter. Anyway, for those who are afraid of cold, no matter whether on water or land, look for down jackets. If you are afraid of wind on your head, you can also wear a woolen hat and cover your ears to avoid frostbite.

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2. Shoes

Spring and summer: If you want to relax, you can wear a pair of slippers, or barefoot for more fun!

Autumn and winter: You can wear non-slip rubber shoes or brook shoes, or wear hiking waterproof socks , which can keep your feet dry and prevent your feet from getting cold. Wearing waterproof socks and then tracing shoes is a double protection against cold, you deserve it.

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Note: High heels and leather shoes are not allowed. Even if you are a master of high heels on land, you can still test your balance when you are on the water.

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No matter what season, you must bring spare clothes to prevent getting wet. You can also prepare a waterproof backpack to carry with you. Put all the things you are afraid of water in! After putting on these equipment, you can start playing happily~

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