The rise of modern kayaking, see how the ancient sport reached new heights

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You know? Modern kayaking originated in modern Britain, and the boat also has a lovely name. In 1865, the Scotsman John Mac Gregor had a whim. Using the canoe as a blueprint, he worked very hard to build a small boat. By the way, he gave it a lovely name [Rob Roy]

Now that the designated boats are available, the rules of the competition have been formulated. In 1866, John Mac Gregor founded the Royal Canoeing Club and held the first kayaking competition. From then on, the kayaking sport began their long civil exchanges. Until January 1924, everyone realized that unity is strength, so it was initiated by Denmark, Sweden, France and Austria, and the [International Rowing Representatives] was established in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.会] abbreviated as IRK.

In 1936, the 11th Olympic Games was held in Berlin, and kayaking began to be listed as an Olympic event, and it has moved from the folk to the orthodox. With the blessing of the Olympic gold medal, kayaking can be considered proud. In fact, in Europe and North America, its mass base is extremely broad, so the previous Olympic gold medals are mostly divided by Western countries.

However, what kind of creation hasn't emerged in our Chinese context for five thousand years? Although it is a bit short on modern rowing boats, the ancestors had a "dragon boating" competition that was very similar to kayaking as early as 2000 years ago.

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Song Dynasty Ancient Scroll "Dragon Boat Dragon Boat Picture"

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The history of modern kayaking in China

Around 1930

Modern kayaking was introduced to China

At the end of 1952

China made its own kayak for the first time

In 1954

The Beijing Water Sports Games established the men's 1000-meter and women's 500-meter kayak competitions.

In 1975

kayaking was listed as an official event of the National Games. In the same year, China began to participate in the World Championships.

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Although modern Chinese kayaking started late, we are developing fast. At the 2004 Athens Olympics, Meng Guanliang and Yang Wenjun cooperated and won the men’s 500-meter rowing final with a time of 1:40.278. This is the first Olympic gold medal in China’s canoeing event. This is also China’s win at the Olympic Games. The first gold medal in water sports. In the 2008 Beijing Olympics, in the men's double rowing 500-meter final, the Chinese champions Meng Guanliang/Yang Wenjun won the championship with 1:41.025. The two successfully defended the title and wrote a new history.

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